Library reaches out to community to help county firefighters

St. John News – April 8, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – April 17, 2015

When Barbara Graves, library secretary (and mother of two firefighters), learned the Stafford County firefighters had a need, she came to the director, Christie Snyder and the library board with an idea on how to fulfill the need.

Here is the deal: With the spring and summer winds bringing higher risks of fires, the responders are in constant need of fluids and energy bars. The firefighters work long hours in the heat. This week alone, they have worked to control several large fires. You can see why plenty of fluids and energy bars are important. We want them revived and refreshed so they can keep themselves and us safe.

What Barbara proposed is to run a “Food and Fluids for Fines” campaign, similar to our fall “Food for Fines” drive. During April and May the library will forgive fines when patrons bring in a donation of bottled Gatorade, PowerAde, water or a box of energy bars. Going one step further, the library also will act as a drop station for anyone in the community who would like to help our firefighters restock these supplies.

Help us show the Stafford County Firefighters we appreciate their efforts and that their community cares.

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