Indian Hill fire contained by quick response

By Carol Lacer
Chapman and Enterprise News Time – April 9, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – April 16, 2015

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The Chapman City Fire Department’s quick response to a fire call on Indian Hill Saturday afternoon kept the fire from reaching the golf course club house and other nearby structures.

City Fire Chief Mike Simmons said the fire was called in at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 4, by a golf course employee.

“It was initially reported as a grass fire with a small structure involved,” Simmons said. “DKFD #1 was called for mutual aid to help with getting the grass fire under control. I am very thankful of their help and their quick response to the scene.”

Simmons said the clubhouse and maintenance shed were in close proximity to the fire, and the city trucks were staged in an area to protect both structures from the fire.

There were no injuries.

Clubhouse manager Mary Stopper said the small structure that was destroyed was an old empty storage building that was to be torn down eventually, so the loss was minimal.

Stopper said the clubhouse and other things were kept safe when firefighters hosed them down.

“The fire was contained to grassy areas. The golf course itself was never in a bad way, but we had to keep people away from fairway number one,” Stopper said.

She said the trash dumpster was a casualty.

“We did lose our trash dumpster. It melted. But everything was hosed down. It could have been worse. It burned the weeds, so that was good thing,” Stopper said.

Chief Simmons said the probably cause was from a controlled burn of a brush pile at the golf course the day before that had rekindled with the wind on Saturday.

Chief Simmons said some railroad ties and piles of wood chips had to burn themselves out, so there was some smoke into Sunday from those piles.

“It was checked on periodically throughout the day to insure it was not going anywhere. Chapman crews and DKFD #1 crews did a great job of stopping the spread of the fire quickly,” Simmons said.

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