Fire destroys Geneseo home

By Ryan Carlson
Lyons News – March 31, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – April 15, 2015

geneseo fire 4152015

Fire crews rushed to the scene of a house fire on the 1100 block of 18th Street and Silver in Geneseo on Saturday morning.

Geneseo Fire Chief, Mike Huggins, said fire crews rushed to the scene because of the possibility of three individuals being in the home. It was soon discovered that the house’s occupants were gone. However, there were still a few pet fatalities including four dogs and two cats. The fire started at 11:00 a.m. and was completely put out by 1:00 p.m. “It was fully engulfed in flames by the time we arrived there,” said Huggins.

The home was most recently the site of a land feud between two individuals, with one staying on the property in a home built out of pallets. In August, Rice County Health Department Director, Marci Detmer received a letter of complaint from the City of Geneseo stating that the squatters were digging holes for their “bathrooms” which she said was a health code violation that raised some concern from local residents and city government alike.

Huggins said an investigator would be at the property on Monday to find out the cause. By Monday, Rice County Sheriff, Cody Goforth said the investigation is a collaborative effort that so far includes the Kansas Fire Marshal, Rice County Sheriff’s Department and the Geneseo Police Department.

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