Fire destroys RV in rural Argonia

By Paul Rhodes
Conway Springs Star Argosy – March 19, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – April 10, 2015

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An out-of-control grass fire destroyed a recreational vehicle and its contents Sunday morning west of Argonia.

The RV, which served as the home for Eugene and Jennifer White, was located at 107 S. Blackstone Road. The couple said the RV and its contents were a 100 percent loss.

A house and trailer home on the property were not damaged in the fire. The home is occupied by Eugene White’s parents, “Whitey” and Carol White.

The fire started in a burn barrel that Eugene White was using to burn off trash Sunday. His wife, Jennifer, was asleep in the trailer at the time the fire broke out.

“I went to get more stuff for the burn barrel and the grass around the barrel caught on fire,” said Eugene. “It spread really fast because the grass was so dry.”

Jennifer was awakened by Eugene and was able to get out of the RV without injury. They were able to grab only a few items before the RV was engulfed in flames.

Jennifer said hay bales that had been used to protect a water line kept the fire from spreading to the house. Firefighters from Argonia and Mayfield responded to the blaze and helped extinguish the fire.

“They did an incredible job,” said Eugene.

“Everything we owned was in there,” said Jennifer.

Ironically, the couple had planned to begin moving belongings into a new RV later that day.

“I had already brought the new RV to the property,” said Eugene. “A few hours later this would have been a different story.”

The new RV was not damaged in the fire, and the couple is residing there now. The Argonia community is rallying to help the family with food and belongings.

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