Fire safely contained

By Sharon Sahlfeld
Beloit Call – March 18, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – April 9, 2015

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Monday, March 16, was declared a Red Flag Fire Warning day in effect across the majority of Kansas. With temperatures climbing into the 80 degrees it was no picnic for Beloit firefighters as they battled the flames of Gary and Patty Sporleders Quonset structure that caught fire just before 11 a.m.

Beloit police officer Jay Davis was one of the first to respond to the fire shortly after it was called in by Jim Wiebke of Lincoln. Wiebke just happened to be passing by on Highway 14 heading south on his way home from Dr. Luke’s veterinary office. “I don’t think it had been burning long when I saw it,” said Wiebke. “I turned back around and decided to call 911.”

Randy Pixler who lives just two houses north of the structure and is a nephew to Sporleder said, “I came outside because I heard popping noises.”

Pixler spotted the fire from the front of the structure around where the electrical box is located.

It took the Beloit Fire Department less than five minutes to arrive at the scene. When they arrived the structure was engulfed in flames with a heavy black smoke surrounding the area. A lot of popping and cracking from inside contents could be heard. They quickly started setting up the hose attaching them to fire hydrants and positioned themselves to keep a steady stream on the flames.

Firefighters continued to the backside of the structure with more water to help keep the worst of the fire from around the camper which was sitting inside.

“It could have been a lot worse,” said Beloit Fire Chief Steve Rugg. “The contents inside were pretty much totaled but some things could have blown. We got there and all went well. The fire just had a big start on us.”

Besides the inside items being destroyed the outside structure was held intact.

Beloit Fire Department used three pumper trucks and one equipment van at the scene. The Beloit Police Department was there to close off traffic and help in any way and the Mitchell County Ambulance arrived providing water and assistance to firefighters.

The fire department contained the fire and the reason for the fire is undetermined at this time.

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