Neighbors help rescue Topeka family from burning house

KSN – April 6, 2015


A Topeka family is safe after escaping a house fire in the middle of the night, but had it not been for neighbors alerting the family, it could have been a much different situation.

Neighbors in the 200 block of Western Ave. say they were shocked to see flames erupting from a home.

The fire started around 10 o’clock Saturday night, with a family of five trapped inside.

“My step dad breaks this screen [of the burning house] and asked if anyone is down there and nobody answered,” said Ahmad Grubbs, a neighbor.

With flames spreading fast, neighbors continued to try to get the attention of the family trapped inside of the home.

“He went to the front and the little girl opened the door, and [he] went inside to grab the other people,” said Grubbs.

Neighbors say flames started on back porch of the home and then busted through the children’s bedroom, which is in the back of the house.

Without neighbors help, it’s a situation that could have been much worse because the family is deaf.

“Luckily, everyone made it out safe and alive,” said Grubbs.

Before Topeka fire crews arrived, one neighbor says he used a hose in his backyard to try put the fire out.

Firefighters battled the blaze for over two hours.

The Red Cross assisted the two adults and three children from the home, all of which were uninjured.

It is still unknown what caused this fire to happen.

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