First responder meeting held

St. Francis Herald – November 20, 2014
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – November 23, 2014

Emergency responders from both the county and the Cheyenne County Hospital gathered at the Emergency Services Building to practice an emergency drill last week. Emergency Management Director Ryan Murray organized the drill.

The hospital, fire department, Kansas Department of Transportation, emergency medical technicians and Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office all came to fine-tune their skills. By working together, they learned how to better assist people and quickly respond and delegate duties during an emergency.

Mr. Murray conducted the drill, giving specific details as to what emergency had occurred and what the weather was doing. He presented a winter blizzard so the group could practice responding during winter storms. The group wanted to be prepared for the upcoming colder weather.

Separating into two groups, one with the hospital personnel and one with the county workers, the groups delegated leadership roles and responder roles. They discussed how different situations would require different responses.

Car accidents scenarios, one including a school bus; blizzards with over eight inches of snow; and difficult roadways were all part of the drill.

Through the drill, the emergency responders practiced their skills and learned how to best respond to some situations.

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