Out of control burn keeps firemen busy

Harper Advocate – April 9, 2014
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – May 2, 2014

A controlled burn in Kingman County that got out of control kept four units of the Harper Fire Department and two of the Norwich Fire Department busy over three hours Saturday morning.

A control burn about a half mile east of what is known as the VanGieson pond about two miles north of the Harper-Kingman County line off of what is known as the Murdock Road jumped a mowed strip being used as a fire stop and got into the VanGieson groun which was mostly high weeds and evergreen trees.

There were many acres of grass south of the fire being used by Sam Drouhard with the wind out of the southeast.

Fire units were able to keep the fire from jumping the road into the Drouhard pasture and to the nearby Kelly VanGieson residence.

The controlled burn which was properly credentialed and proper notification made to Kingman authorities was not on VanGieson property.

The controlled burn was on Brian Eck property.

The rough terrain and numerous evergreens going up in flames slowed the control process.

Approximately 55 acres burned.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster

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