Mock disaster held to help with training and educate

By Mindi Bremer, WCHC EP
Leoti Standard – April 9, 2014
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – May 2, 2014

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On Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 2:00 p.m., the Wichita County Health Center in coordination with Wichita County Fire/EMS, Emergency Management, Public Health, Law Enforcement, and Kansas Highway Patrol a scenario was put into action for a Mock Disaster.

The Scenario: 4 High School kids skipped school at Lunch Break and were joyriding and drinking alcohol. They collide with a farmer in a pickup pulling an Anhydrous Ammonia trailer and the tank ruptures, causing Contact Burns and Respiratory Distress from the anhydrous ammonia (Chemical Contamination Incident). Some lacerations, head injuries, and fractures of an arm and hip/pelvis due to the collision also are present. First responder EMT runs in and also receives contact burns with breathing difficulty. Fire Department, EMS and Law Enforcement arrive. Duties of Each Department: Primary decontamination by Fire Department (wash down contaminated persons with water from fire hose), evaluation of injuries, field treatment, and packaging for transport of patients by EMS, extrication of trapped pickup driver, treatment, and packaging for transport (Fire & EMS). The student driver with no injuries will be given a field sobriety test and handcuffed and arrested for DUI.

At hospital, Staff will perform full decontamination, Triage, and Treatment according to hospital protocols.

Patient #1 Ed Simon: First Responder. Respiratory Distress, Anhydrous Burns, Contaminated–Ambulatory, Stand by Assistance.

Patient #2 Cole Capenter: C Collar-Spine Board, Driver of Pickup hauling Anhydrous Tank, Head injury, Lacerations, Burns, hip/pelvic fracture, Contaminated–Non Ambulatory.

Patient #3 Josh Mehl: Jaws Extrication, C Collar-Spine Board, Passenger (front seat) of car, contact burns, facial lacerations, arm fracture, Contaminated–Non Ambulatory.

Patient #4 Katie Bailey: C Collar-Spine Board, Passenger (rear passenger side) of car, Pt got out of car and collapsed. Contact Burns, rib fracture, possible neck fracture, In & out of consciousness, Contaminated–Non Ambulatory.

Patient #5 Jantz Budde: Passenger (rear driver side), Pt out walking around site, checking on Pt #4, Contact Burns, Contaminated–Ambulatory.

Driver of Car (arrested, DUI), No injuries. Destynee Hahn

Fire/EMS personnel: Steve Baum, Terry Bloedorn, Kelley Burch, Cole Carpenter, Kris Casper, Leif Christiansen, Darren Crouch, Tyler Graff, John Gould, Brady Harbin, Marcus Herrera, Charlie Hughes, Marqueta Keeton, Randy Keeton, Terry Laws, Marie McEntee, AJ Simon, Ed Simon, Darrin Walk.

Law Enforcement: Wichita County Sheriff Office–Randy Keeton, Mike Wilson, Kris Casper, John Meese; Kansas State Troopers: Josh Ibarra, Mike Racy.

Please thank the following: WCHS Student Council for helping sponsor this mock disaster, Myers Salvage for furnishing the vehicles, and CPS for providing the anhydrous ammonia trailer.

This disaster was written up in order to help train and educate the Health Center Staff on several different Emergency Preparedness Plans including: Chemical Plan (which includes Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory decontamination of patients who have been in an accident involving chemicals), Medical Surge (in which the hospital is hit with a surge of patients requiring the need to call staff back in to care for multiple trauma patients). Lockdown Plan (in which includes locking down the facility to maintain control and organization of the Health Center) and Incident Command System.

As stated before with the scenario the Hospital received a total of 5 patients brought in by EMS requiring decontamination. The HERT members (Hospital Emergency Response Team) are those who put on the appropriate personal protection equipment to perform the decontamination of patients. This was the first time these staff members have actually went through a decontamination exercise. Richard Everett from the Regional Public Health stated “the staff performed very well for this being their first time. I’m sure they felt like it was chaotic, but it sure did not look like it from where I was standing”.

After decontamination each patient was taken into the ER where the Physician, Triage Nurse and patient tagger met them. The patient was then assigned to a nurse and taken to the appropriate area to receive the level of care they needed. After the tags were completed, and the physicians signed off on them, the drill was ended.

We all then met for “hot wash” of the drill with what went well, what didn’t work so well, and any suggestions anyone had. This exercise was put on to better prepare us in an actual event.

We are truly blessed with the staff that we have here at Wichita County Health Center. They are eager to learn, to train and to be prepared for whatever may come our way.

A big thanks to WCHS Student Council, Mr. Keith Higgins, KHP, Myers Salvage, and CPS for helping sponsor and providing items for the event.

A big thanks to Wichita County EMS/Fire, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Emergency Management and of course the staff, administration and physicians of WCHC for assisting with the Preparedness effort!

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster

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