Linn County residents lean on each other for hope after tornado

By Chris Oberholtz and Erika Tallan
KCTV 5 – April 28, 2014

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Many people in Linn County are leaning on each other for hope after a tornado through one family’s livelihood and also the one place they could turn to get through hard times like this.

The tornado touched down Sunday afternoon near Pleasanton, completely destroying Fairmount Church that dated to 1867. The church offered hope for the community.

The storm proved too strong for the church walls, but the community’s faith remains intact.

The tornado also ripped through a family construction shop about a half mile up the road from the church.

There was not much left of Triple S Construction, as expensive service equipment, like trucks and a bulldozer, sit underneath the ruble.

Everything the family used to make a living with is gone.

Right after the storm passed, neighbors started showing up to the business to help.

“It is amazing how the neighbors support us all, and they came out immediately. It is really humbling to know that you have everybody here to help you out,” Skylar Martin said.

The Martins do have insurance, so they say over the next couple days they’ll be taking inventory of what was lost.

They’re relieved no one was inside at the time and that no one was hurt.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster


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