KSFFA Regional Fire School at Ashland

KSFFA Regional Fire School
hosted by Ashland Fire Department
May 3-4, 2014
Ashland High School – 311 Clipper St.

Saturday Morning – 8 a.m.

  1. GPS for Emergencies & USAR Markings – 4 hours – This class will discuss the technical working of the Global Positioning Satellite System currently in place and how this technology is useful for modern firefighting operations. You will also learn how a unit works and take sample readings in a practical portion of the class. After several disasters it was determined that there is a lack of education on how to mark areas during a search. The United States Search and Rescue teams have responded to large incidents for years and have developed a standard marking system that is quick and simple to use. learn how to “read & write” the USAR markings and take handouts home to place in your units.
  2. NFIRS and Code Reporting – 4 hours – Kansas State Fire Marshal Office staff will review the proper means to code and submit NFIRS reports in the state of Kansas and the necessity behind this reporting. Benefits of accurate reporting will be discussed as well as financial implications to departments and the state.
  3. Thermal Imaging Class – 4 hours – PPE required
  4. Vehicle Extrication – 8 hours – EMS hours offered – PPE required – This course uses the “Carbusters” series and a hands-on segment so students can get the feel of the tools.

Saturday Afternoon – 1 p.m.

  1. Vehicle Extrication – cont.
  2. Oil Tank Battery Fires – 4 hours – This course offers problems and solutions to incidents involving oil tank batteries, pump jacks, types of valves, and suppression techniques with limited resources.
  3. Propane Safety – 4 hours – This class is designed to teach responders about the hazards of responding to propane emergencies, the appropriate response to such incidents, and enables the first responder to recognize basic facts about propane. Course is taught using Propane Safety Materials provided by the National propane Gas Association.
  4. GPS for Emergencies and USAR Markings – 4 hour – see description above.

Saturday Evening – 5 p.m.

  1. Propane Props live fire training – Full ppe and scba required

Sunday Morning – 8 a.m.

  1. Chief Officers Class – 4 hours – This class is for both old and new chief officers of the fire department or for those who aspire to be chief officers. The class will examine some basic material about how fire departments are organized, what resources are available, what standards apply and what they mean, and some basic legal concepts that will help you get along in the fire service as a chief officer.
  2. Thermal Imaging Class – 4 hours – PPE required
  3. Fire Cause & Determination – 4 hours – Upon completion of this course, the firefighter will understand his/her responsibility in fire cause determination. The firefighter will also learn the methods he/she can utilize to preserve the findings of the fire cause.

Fit test will be done free and is required to do live burns. FFI and FF2 testing must register through KU Fire Training prior to the school.

For more information contact Chief Dave Redger at 620-635-5259 or Troy Wolf, KSFFA Southwest Trustee at 620-492-1861.

All classes are FREE.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster

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