White Powder Covers El Dorado

By Nick Viviani
WIBW – April 25, 2014

el dorado fire 4252014

A malfunction at an oil refinery caused the release of white powder that covered much of El Dorado this morning.

Some residents contacted KAKE News after finding the powder covering their cars and homes. The El Dorado Fire Department was called out to investigate the white powder.

Captain Troy Jellison said, “We found it to be a very benign substance. It was a very neutral chemical. Then, we went out to talk to the refinery, found out it truly was a catalyst they use in cat unit. Really nothing to worry about.”

A Frontier Refinery spokesperson said a malfunction this morning caused the release of the baby powder-like material.

The white substance contained aluminum oxide and silicate powder.

The spokesperson said the substance is non-hazardous, but it can cause eye irritation.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster

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