Linn Valley council hot on new fire station

By Stephanie Cope
Linn County News – April 16, 2014
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – April 22, 2014

After months of debate and discussions between the Linn Valley City Council and the Linn Valley Property Owners Association, a location was finally decided for the new fire station at the City Council meeting on Monday.

The decision came from an update on the fire building, in which Linn Valley Council member Nicolas Philpott told the council they had a new point of contact at QSI and were currently slotted to be receiving their building in mid-May. He told the council the date could be moved back at any time, but he wanted to make the council aware of the new point of contact.

Council member Keith Cowee made a motion to the council to move the building back to its original destination on Ullery Road and build it with one drive-through bay. The motion was seconded and the council began discussion on the building.

Council member Jack Colgin voiced his concern with moving the building to Ullery to the council.

“I’m concerned about response time,” Colgin said.

The council turned to Linn Valley Fire Chief Todd Stone for his input on the response time from outside the gates to an emergency inside the gates of the city. Stone told the council he didn’t feel being located outside the gates should hinder their response time. He also told the council if they could get remotes to operate the gate for the trucks, it would help the response time so they wouldn’t have to pull up to the gate and run a card and wait. He said they could hit the remote from the station and by the time they got to the gate, it would most likely be in the up position, allowing them to continue into the community without the extra stop.

Cowee also told the council he didn’t believe the response times from outside of the gate would be any different than the response times in La Cygne.

Colgin’s next concern involved the cost of putting the building on Ullery.

“Have we got enough money to do that out there?” Colgin asked.

Cowee reassured Colgin that he had talked to QSI and there would be no additional grading costs for the spot on Ullery and they did have the money to have a building with a drive-through bay.

The council also discussed the look of the building after concerns of its not looking very professional. Cowee and Philpott reassured the council the building would look nice. It will be a full metal building that looks similar to the church in the area.

After all the questions and discussion, the motion was passed with a unanimous vote.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster

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