Wabaunsee County Commission were updated about fires

Wabaunsee County Signal – April 10, 2014
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – April 17, 2014

Sheriff Doug Howser said he has received lots of calls about letting people burn, he has several reports he is sending to County Attorney Norbert Marek for consideration of out of control burns and he feels that three are pretty valid. Howser said most of the fire calls were result of a rekindle or where a burned large parcel of land had reignited. Commissioner Stuewe said the problem is it is so terribly dry even trees are burning.

Howser said since March 1st there have been 318 controlled burns and 82 Fire Department call outs or of those 318 burns 82 turned into uncontrolled burns. Howser said that Saturday and Sunday were really busy days for the fire departments, a couple of times all fire departments in the county were called out plus mutual aid from adjoining counties.

Howser said Saturday 84 burn permits were requested with 37 before noon and 14 fire page outs. On Sunday he told the dispatchers to strongly discourage against burning if anyone calls in, they still had 19 fire department call outs due to rekindles from Saturday’s fires. Howser said there was structure loss on Old K18 from a fire that rekindled twice. Howser said he put on a temporary burn ban for 24 hours on a day by day basis because of the wind and to allow the fire departments to rejuvenate.

Commissioner Stuewe asked if any other counties have put on bans. Howser said Riley and Pottawatomie have both done so and is on a day by day basis. Commissioner Allen said a lot of people need to burn. Howser said to be fair it should be evaluated on a daily basis.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster

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