Full-time firefighters get new safety gear

By Donna Celaya
Montgomery County Chronicle – March 20, 2014
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – April 11, 2014

Full-time workers will get the new stuff. Volunteers will get their hand-me-downs.

Cherryvale City Council on Monday evening approved a request from the fire-rescue interim Chief Jesse Reed to spend $9,650 on five sets of new turnout gear for his full-time employees.

Breaking down the expense, Reed said five pairs of fire-proof pants will cost $5,575 and five jackets will cost $4,075.

Councilor Randy Wagoner said he thought it was a good idea to schedule equipment replacement and purchases like the one just approved. But he said he wondered if there was any “life” left in the old turnout gear.

Reed said it is still usable for a while, and that the volunteers will get the old suits until the gear no longer is safe to use.

Assistant city administrator Christopher Weiner said the former chief, Chad Russell, had requested the new gear before he left a couple of months ago, Reed, as acting chief, decided to go ahead and pursue the purchase.

Weinter said he and city administrator Travis Goedken, who was absent from Monday night’s meeting, had reviewed the necessity of the purchase with Reed and all of them agreed it was time for new gear for the full-time Fire-Rescue personnel.

Councilors asked if the purchase was included in the fire department’s budget. Reed said it was not, and Weiner explained the funds would come from a “non-budgeted” equipment reserve fund that exists for the purpose of allowing the department to make emergency purchases when equipment fails or needs to be replaced.

Mayor John Wright suggested the department also seek grant funding for future purchases.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster

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