Brandon Blanton receives Certificate of Courage

By Craig Miller
Hiawatha World – March 19, 2014
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Brandon Blanton of Hiawatha was praised for his heroic effort at the city commission meeting on Monday, where he received The Certificate of Courage from the City of Hiawatha and the Kansas State Firefighters Association Certificate of Recognition.

Last week, while Blanton, age 12, was sitting in the McDonald’s drive-thru, he noticed something wrong with the truck in front of him.

“I started to see sparks coming from the rear of the truck,” Blanton said. “I went up to the lady driving and told her about the sparks, but she said it does that sometimes. As I walked back, I looked at the back of her car and I saw flames shoot and I noticed there were two kids in the back of the car. I went back and told the driver again that I saw flames. This time she listened and took the kids out of the car. Suddenly the back of the car went ‘poof.'”

Once everybody was out of the car, the parking lot was cleared of traffic and Blanton and his mom headed over to Casey’s parking lot to stay at a safe distance.

“Brandon didn’t want to leave until he was sure that the driver and her kids were safe,” said Blanton’s mother.

Megan Shanahan of St. Joseph, Mo. was the driver of the truck but didn’t get a chance to thank him at the time.

“He was my little hero and my angel,” said Shanahan, who was finally able to find Blanton on Facebook.

Blanton was nervous on Monday as he received his awards and told his story, but afterwards, he was all smiles as he showed the certificates of bravery to his family.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster


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