KSFFA Regional Fire School at Agra

KSFFA Regional School
hosted by Agra Fire Department
April 5-6, 2014
Location: Thunder Ridge Middle School – Agra


  1. FRA Workshop (4 hrs)
  2. Rapid Intervention (8 hrs) – Requires full turn out gear & SCBA. Many firefighter deaths are the result of becoming trapped, disoriented, or unable to escape hostile fire conditions. This course will familiarize the firefighter with methods of rapid intervention—both interior and exterior operations.
  3. Wildland Fires (8 hrs) – This course leads you through all aspects of wildfire firefighting. Learn to recognize certain signs as early as leaving the station. The course will take you through weather conditions, soil conditions, need of certain apparatus, communications, ICS etc. A good course for all levels of firefighters. Designed strictly with the Kansas firefighter in mind.
  4. Vehicle Extrication (12 hrs) – Requires full turn out gear. This class is approved for BEMS continuing education hours. – This course uses the “Carbusters” series plus hands-on.
  5. Ethanol Fires (8 hrs) – This course examines the unique nature of fires involving ethanol through a range of locations from individual vehicles, to gas stations, to truck & rail transportation and finally ethanol plants.


  1. Vehicle Extrication, cont.
  2. Propane Safety – This class is designed to teach responders about the hazards of responding to propane emergencies, the appropriate response to such incidents, and enables the first responder to recognize basic facts about propane.
  3. Oil Tank Battery Fires – This course offers problems and solutions to incidents involving oil tank batteries, pump jacks, types of valves, and suppression techniques with limited resources.
  4. Lessons Learned – Course reviews past tragedies and close calls at fire scenes, to help prevent further injury and deaths by examining incidents and discussing them in detail as a class.
  5. Vehicle Fires – Requires full turn out gear & SCBA. – Car fires! No big deal! That’s what you think! Still using a booster line or red line to extinguish those car fires? It’s not always a good idea! Learn why with this course. We go from classroom to actual extinguishment of cars.

    At conclusion of morning classes:

    Fire Ground – KSFFA Burn Trailer – Requires full turn out gear & SCBA. Current fit testing required for participation which is available free at the regional school.

Motel: Phillipsburg Cottonwood Motel – Hwy 36 East
Contacts: Chief Dennis Nelson – Dennelson@ruraltel.net

  • These courses are offered at No Charge.
  • This school is open to all firefighters/EMT’s.
  • Bunker gear will be required to participate in the school. SCBA’s are required for some classes. Please bring as many as possible – Mark your equipment.
  • The KSFFA will also be selling IFSTA training material and KSFFA items (shirts, hats, jackets and etc.)
  • The KSFFA is not responsible for lost or damaged clothing or equipment.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster 

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