Overnight fires in Wichita injure two

KAKE – April 1, 2014


Two fires broke out in South Wichita, about an hour apart. Both of them left people injured.

The first fire occurred about 11:40 p.m. Monday at a shed on South Holyoke, near Pawnee and Hillside. Duplexes are on either side of the shed, and there’s speculation it may have been the shelter for a homeless person.

Firefighters were able to bring things under control quickly, keeping the damage relatively small. But one person was taken to a hospital with serious smoke inhalation.

It’s not clear how the fire started. But one theory is that someone inside the shed was smoking cigarettes.

The second fire of the night started about an hour later, in the 2500 block of South Webb. A person with possible burns was taken to a hospital. Early reports indicated that fire started due to grease on a stove.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster

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