Firefighters rescue dog from icy water at Coffeyville park

Independence Daily Reporter – March 6, 2014
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – March 31, 2014

Coffeyville firefighters rescued a dog from an icy lake at LeClere Park Wednesday afternoon.

The black Labrador retriever fell through the ice while chasing ducks at the park at approximately 1 p.m. Wednesday and firefighters Kevin Midgett and Will Rosson performed an ice rescue wearing dry suits designed for cold water and freezing temperatures.

Coffeyville Fire Chief James Grimmett said he is not sure if firefighters were ever called to rescue an animal out there before, but it has been a while since they have needed the cold water rescue equipment. He said the department has had the capability to do ice rescues for three years, but often when they arrive for a human rescue the victim already is out of the water.

“It’s good to see where your training pays off,” Grimmett said. He said the department usually trains this time of year.

Lt. Derek Messner said they trained at the park lake for ice and boat rescues when they can.

“Almost in the same spot,” he said. He said the ice was thicker as they approached the dog, so the firefighters had to break it but it was not thick enough to support them.

Although temperatures warmed recently, Grimmett said the pond was partially frozen. The 70-pound dog was 70 to 80 feet from the bank, but was rescued uninjured and reunited with her owners, who were not identified.

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center EMS helped warm Midgett and Rosson’s core body temperatures once they were out of the water. Messner, along with Pete Caresio and Todd Hayes provided a rope tag line and manned a rescue boat standing by.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster

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