Family sees it all go

By Nancy Calderon
Dodge City Daily Globe – March 12, 2014
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Lance Durr was visiting with his next door neighbor Sunday afternoon when his neighbor asked if he was cooking something. Little did Durr know that the smell lurking in the air was the beginning of a fire that would claim his home, his pet and his family heirlooms.

Durr headed back over to his home to find his dad and 13 year-old son standing outside on the front porch, as he peeked his head in, Durr could see flames that had started in the ceiling right above his stove.

The flames from the kitchen grew almost instantly, leaving Durr and his family helpless. For them, all there was left to do is watch part of their home disappear in the heat of the fire as they waited for firefighters to arrive.

The fire inside the trailer located in Wilroads Gardens was tamed by the Ford County and Dodge City Fire Departments in a timely manner, but the heat and smoke had already damaged every room inside.

For Durr, watching his belongings disappear in front of his eyes was not easy, he said, but he maintained his composure to keep everyone else calm, including his son who was in tears. The aftermath, however, brought home the extent of the disaster.

“When you start going through it afterwards, the aftermath, that’s when it really hits you,” Durr said. “There are things gone that are not replaceable.”

Durr said many of his family members have pitched-in to provide furniture and other essentials, friends have also helped and local schools have donated school supplies for Durr’s son who lost all his school materials in the fire.

Still, the heirlooms that had been saved from generations passed and the family dog, “Baby” a 17 year-old Chihuahua who didn’t make it out are among things that cannot be replaced but for Durr, he said the safety of his family is the most important to him and he’s truly thankful they went unharmed.

The family is currently living with their next door neighbor until they find a new house to call home.

Gwen Romine, KSFFA Webmaster

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